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Oral Dental Vacuum System

To provide quality dental care, specific dental equipment is required to allow the various dental treatments to be carried out and provide comfort to both the patient and the professional during these procedures. In this article we are going to explain in a simple way the importance of one of the basic and essential elements of any clinic or dental practice: the suction system, made up of oral aspirators.


What is a dental vacuum?

As mentioned, the dental vacuum is a very important dental device in the dental office. It is inserted directly into the mouth to aspirate fluids such as water, saliva or blood generated during various dental procedures. Now, the health professional has a better view of the area during treatment and patient discomfort is avoided. 

Dental aspirators are made up of a disposable cannula or ejector and a rubber tube or probe that require a suction motor for correct operation. The importance of this system pertains to the reduction of cross contamination between the patient and the dentist. Modern rotary instruments spray water underpressure to cool the treatment area, creating a cloud of water particles. Only with a suction system of adequate power, can the cloud of water particles be reduced, thus allowing a shorter working distance for the professional and a lower production of aerosols.

For these two reasons, a dental aspiration system has been an essential element in any dental practice ever since. In addition, it not only guarantees the safety and health of the patient and the professional, but it also provides greater ergonomics for both.

Wet aspiration

The wet suction system is more modern. Air, liquids and solids sucked in by the  cannula are drawn into the machine Here is how it works: the device is equipped with a powerful separator responsible for separating air from liquids and sending the latter to the drain while preventing them from reaching the vacuum motor. 

The system offers easy maintenance. In fact, it is the one used in most dental offices. However, the fact that you need a drain system counts as a disadvantage. 

Dry aspiration


The dry aspiration system operates by means of a liquid-air separator (centrifugal or by decantation) normally installed inside the dental equipment. Liquids and solids are eliminated from the aspirated air flow before reaching the suction motor. The separator and the suction are two different devices.

The advantage of the dry aspiration system is that it is a much simpler and cheaper system. Regarding the disadvantages,, it should be noted that it needs more maintenance and is sensitive to the foam generated between blood, water and air. It can lead to the interruption of the suction for safety reasons.

What you should know about the dental suction system before equipping your clinic?

Oral Dental Vacuum System

The first and most important thing when equipping your clinic with a dental suction system is to identify which of the two types of systems you prefer: DRYor WET suction. 

Once you have purchased your vacuum system, it is very important to take into account regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Good maintenance of your dental suction system prevents unpleasant odors and reduces the chance of the system becoming clogged and ceasing to. To properly maintain the suction system, it must be cleaned daily after each patient and at the end of the work day.


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