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This article aims to inform the dentist and have a preliminary assessment before the technician decides on what further actions to do when there is repair. HVAC repair is a broad topic and requires a lot of factors to consider. We will be simplifying HVAC repair to the common symptoms our HVAC system will possibly encounter. Knowing the signs and understanding how the HVAC system works would eventually pay off in the long run.


As an owner/operator of an HVAC system, we are responsible for understanding how it works.

HVAC systems also exhibit symptoms when experiencing problems, just like our human bodies. All Mechanical Systems will undergo degradation over time because of wear and tear. HVAC systems contain parts that will wear out over time and eventually reach their designed service life.

That is normal to replace parts when it comes near their designed service life. What bothers us is when a part or component fails prematurely. That only means that there are underlying conditions that cause premature failure. That is a problem that the technicians need to address.

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No Cold Air coming out in the Fan-Coil Unit.

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A technician should check if the AC is turned on and blowing unconditioned air in the space. Most of the time, the problem will be solved by refilling it again with refrigerant. But this may be a band-aid solution, it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, and over time, it will be back to square one. It is essential to know that a refrigerant line is a completely sealed system. Meaning refrigerant is permanent to stay there for the entirety of the life of the HVAC system.

The question is, why does our HVAC run out of refrigerant. The only answer is that there could be leaks to the system. A good starting point to check for leaks is the connection points of the refrigerant line; Refrigerant inlet and outlet at: 

1   condenser connections        2  Evaporator connection        3  Compressor Connection      4     Expansion valve connection

From there, the technician could devise a plan for how to fix the leaks in the line. Leaks due to wear and tear over time are usual. But premature leaks in the refrigerant line could indicate some more profound problems.

Frost outside the Fan-Coils (Evaporator Coils)

Why does frost appear on the

evaporator coils?

The Fans draw air in the unconditioned space to the fan coils and deliver it to the desired area. As the air pass thru the evaporator coil, it removes heat in the air and cools to the desired temperature. Frost happens when there is not enough heat is absorbed by the evaporator coils allowing it to freeze. It could mean that (1)not enough airflow or (2)dust accumulates in the evaporator coils preventing the efficient heat transfer. The technician will check the Fan and Motor assembly and assess if parts need replacement. Cleaning the air filter and the evaporator coils with running water will solve frosting. It is worth emphasizing that this needs to be performed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Air Conditioning won’t turn on

the capacitors and electric motors are in good condition.❓

beautiful woman suffering from heat and holding remote control under air conditioner at home

There are two suspects to investigate when the AC doesn’t turn on; the capacitors and electric motors.

The Capacitor is a battery-like device that stores energy. Turning on our AC requires considerable start-up energy to turn on the electric motors that drive the compressors to circulate the refrigerant. It is the job of the capacitors to provide that start-up energy to the electric motor. When there is a dead capacitor in the system, electric motors won’t turn on.

A technician will assess and check the capacitors if it needs replacement. Second, electric motors are robust and designed to operate even in harsh conditions. It is still worth checking if the HVAC system has been working for many years.

Excessive Noise and Vibrations

Noise and Vibrations are typical when there is rotating equipment involved in the systems. However, excessive noise and vibrations could damage our equipment prematurely, and the effects of wear and tear are more eminent. When experiencing this problem, it is essential to check all rotating parts;

Compressors, Electric Motor, Condenser Fan-Motor Assembly, Evaporator Fan-Motor Assemblies, and Fan Blades, rotating shafts.

Then check the mounting brackets. Simple tightening of the bolts could solve the problem. If this doesn’t solve the problem, this could be an issue of unbalance rotation, damaged bearings, or broken O-rings/gaskets. Un-checked noise and vibrations are the root cause of early failure Mechanical Systems it is therefore important not to operate the HVAC system to prevent further damage until your qualified HVAC technician fixes it.

Prevention is Better than Cure”

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Like our human bodies, Mechanical systems (such as HVAC) will experience some symptoms over time when there is a system problem. The only difference is our bodies can heal on their own, and HVAC systems cannot.

Every Mechanical system has a designed service life. By keeping our HVAC systems cleaned and checked, our HVAC systems could reach or even exceed their designed service life. It is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or hire qualified HVAC technicians to repair it.

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